About us

Key Management has had decades of experience in home remodeling, custom renovations and residential construction in the South Bend, Indiana area. We successfully delivered a wide range of services to clients, including custom kitchen and bathroom remodels, roofing repairs, outdoor patio and decking projection and complete home additions.

Our process

Our process is highly specialized for each of our projects. We work with our clients to help them determine the best use of their living spaces based on their specific lifestyle needs.

1. Concept

We begin by working with you to learn about your home improvement needs, how you intend to use a space and your wish-list and vision for changes. This brainstorming phase also takes into consideration projected budgets and ball-park costs as well as any permitting that will need to be filed.

2. Design

After a clear goal has been set for the project, we begin researching feasible building materials, finishes and design layouts that would best solve your needs while still adhering to budget constraints. Actual costs would be determined at this time.

3. Construction

Once a design has been set, we ensure that all proper permitting has been obtained before construction begins if needed. We set a timeline if needed and are readily available for discussions on progress updates or design changes.

4. Completion

After a project is completed, we inspect finished work ourselves as well as conduct walk-throughs with you to ensure the outcome is to your satisfaction.

What past clients said

About the owner

David Chokey is a South Bend native and a veteran of the home improvement and subcontracting industries. He has decades of experience in both residential and commercial markets in the Michiana region.

He began his career as a drywaller and painter and knows the project management process from labor to planning. Before focusing on residential ventures with Key Management, David previously co-founded Sharp Interiors, Inc., with which built a portfolio of large commercial contracts for schools, hotels, libraries and hospitals in the Michiana area.

David brings purposeful innovation and functionality to every project. He is knowledgable on countless building materials and design solutions to make the best use of living space.